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15 November 2009 @ 12:26 pm
Who: Sephiroth, Cloud, later on Tseng (Open to anyone who wants to help?)
When: Day 66 (or Day 67 if it needs pushing back let me know and I'll edit!). After the arrival in Nibelheim . Exact time of day TBA
Location: Nibelheim
Rating: PG-13 (again if it needs changing later let me know!)
Summary: Cloud vs Sephiroth. While Tseng sneaks into the ShinRa Manor basement to rescue Elena, Cloud's task is to keep Sephiroth distracted. Objective: weaken to enable safe capture and only kill if capture fails.

Something felt wrong.

It wasn't the all too familiar hazy-headed feeling which had lately become like a stubborn stain in Sephiroth's scope of awareness, a by-product of his cells working overtime to combat infection and finally close the injuries sustained. Perhaps it was brought on by his recent contact with Yazoo, the brief warning that he was being sought after. The knowledge that, in all honesty he needed his energy to recover with and not to have to fight again just yet.

That creeping feeling that he already knew, or rather could hazard a well-judged guess at who ShinRa and/or the WRO would send after him. He thought he'd finished off his enemy last time, but with the haste he had left Cloud upon Jenova's disappearance it was impossible to have been sure. Mother was one-thousand times more important than his vengeance on the figurehead of AVALANCHE, the one persistent thorn in his side. He should have finished it before leaving then, hindsight and it's 20/20 vision was almost painful now.

The currently-unable-to-be One Winged Angel rose from the old, undressed mattress he'd managed to sleep on in one of the dormitory rooms of the Manor's basement. His bare torso, dotted with stained but secure dressings, throbbed a little. Particularly that near destroyed shoulder even though the swelling seemed to have settled. He needed that shoulder to work for him today. Sephiroth held his jaw stiff as with much cracking and grinding sounds he stretched that limb, forced it to push past the limited movement allowed by swollen muscle. The pain brought wetness to emerald eyes but was ignored, today of all days it had become desperate that he could move it. He could feel the two pustules on the back of his shoulder leak more fluid but he didn't care for it. It was impossible to ignore that feeling that his enemy was close, that there would be combat and he needed to win.

The cracked armor still lay strewn over the end of the bed, would be useless should Sephiroth even be able to equip it. Besides, he'd ripped up the leather coat he used in order to exact a small amount of mercy on someone who appeared to have been trying to help him. At least Elena would one day be able to walk again, though why he'd exactly felt compelled to help her was still in the fuzzy memories of last night. Sephiroth cupped his forehead in a hand and rubbed his temples, then ran the same hand back through heavy, greasy locks of silver.

At least Masamune still responded to his thought. He angled the blade up, it's point nearly scraping the ceiling - it still reflected the dim light from a nearby dying lamp like it had it's own source of light. As he inspected the fine edge of the sword he found that just being in it's presence had an uplifting effect, he could do this. No, he would win this fight and then he and his brother could get away from here and get on with discovering what had happened to Mother.

Steeling his own thoughts and focusing strictly within, it was time to get this over with.

'I know you are here,' controlled thought projection seemed successful after a bit of rest, 'Cloud. But do we have to repeat this again?'
Current Location: Nibelheim
Cloud Strifebigdamnsword on November 25th, 2009 11:04 am (UTC)
Cloud narrowed his eyes thoughtfully upon hearing Sephiroth. Sephiroth's voice bounced around the area, syllables echoed in the air.

So. The Silver General was aware of his presence. Doubtless, he'd be aware of Tseng's as well, then. But Sephiroth was never omniscient - just ... really well informed - so while he might be aware of the Turk's presence, it was possible that he wasn't aware of Tseng's plan. To take one of Yuffie's little quotes, Tseng had a tendency to operate 'hush hush.' It’d stand Cloud in good stead, here.

Cloud unslung the Fusion Sword. Somehow, he was going to have to lead Sephiroth away from the town, into the mountains, or there’d be more casualties. Unacceptable. There wouldn’t be a repeat of the first purge. He slid into a crouch for a moment – and then promptly straightened again, frowning. How was he supposed to lure Sephiroth out? It wouldn’t exactly be polite to just level Shinra Mansion. For one thing, Aeris and Reeve would probably scold him. For another, he’d probably end up scaring the townspeople.

Damn Tseng and his idiot plan. Damn Elena for needing to be rescued.

It abruptly occurred to Cloud that levelling Shinra Mansion wouldn’t be a good idea anyway because he’d end up crushing Tseng, Tseng’s magic bullet, and his associate. (It was at this point Cloud considered packing up, going home, and having dinner with Tifa, Aeris, and the kids.)

He considered his materia. He’d brought along Restore as a safeguard, and a Time. Sephiroth would easily shrug off a Slow, but Haste could be useful for Cloud. There hadn’t been any point in bringing anything else, because both Cloud and Sephiroth could outrun materia strikes, but in hindsight, something like a Lightening would’ve been useful as a distraction.

Cloud narrowed his eyes and came to a decision. He stalked forward, pushing the rusted gate open. The grind of the metal pierced the evening’s gloom, before fading away, til again, only there was only the sound of boots upon gravel.

If all else failed, he could always lead Sephiroth out the back door. … back hole? Hadn’t Reeve said something about Shinra Mansion having new windows installed after the WRO’s last visit? No matter. He eyed the door carefully; it wasn’t actually shut properly. It seemed that somebody had propped the doors carefully against what was left of the frame, with the help of various blocks and crutches to hold it up.

Cloud shrugged philosophically.

He climbed up the porch steps and stopped in front of the door. He pressed the door bell politely.

And then he kicked the door down.
sephiroth_san: Posing-Show offsephiroth_san on November 25th, 2009 02:07 pm (UTC)
(repost - ty so much for the edit!!)
Did his mindspeak even go through to Cloud? In all honesty there wasn't anyway to tell. Sephiroth felt fairly certain that Cloud had heard him, which would mean that the puppet was either ignoring him or choosing not to answer. Neither sat well at all. Time to try harder

"You can't ignore me, puppet-" The telepathy in itself gave up, with a slight buzz feeling which tingled in the front of his skull like he'd just walked into a wall head on. For a second that doubt returned, would his form as it was currently be- NO! There wasn't any trying to avoid it, where ever he went they were always going to send Cloud after him. If the mind tricks were not going to prove useful then there was only one way to settle this.

Masamune was dismissed a second later and Sephiroth strode out of the dormitory room, down the narrow corridor into the room where he'd left that Turk. Green eyes rested on the still unconscious Elena, contemplating whether or not it would matter if he finished her off. Quickly the conclusion was made that it would make no difference in the end, but that he had to deal with one thing at a time now. He took a chest heaving deep breath and left the laboratory complex, holding his posture steady with every measured step towards the barely existent spiral steps back up into the Manor.

Edited at 2009-11-25 05:13 pm (UTC)
Cloud Strifebigdamnsword on November 25th, 2009 07:17 pm (UTC)
Cloud stepped into the foyer, over the rubble, eyeing the remains of the door that he’d kicked in. It had been unnecessary to do such an action; they hadn’t been shut properly, or even fastened to the building. It seemed they’d only been propped up, perhaps an attempt to keep the wind out.

Sephiroth’s words seemed to resound around him, echoing through the walls, but Cloud knew it was … all in his head. This was a favourite trick of Sephiroth’s. It was a useful one, for the Silver General. When he’d been younger, it had worked. Before today, it’d have worked.

But here and now… puppet rang through the hallway. His mind. And he didn’t tense. It wasn’t that he lacked fear, as such. As such. He still felt it; he’d once thought, what more could he possibly do to me, and learnt the error of his ways. And learning of this plan from Reeve and Tseng had set off klaxons. It was a foolhardy plan. Sephiroth is far too strong.

But, Cloud had agreed to do this.

He could hear Sephiroth coming up to meet him, taking slow, deliberate steps, the sound of his footfalls echoing throughout the mansion. Dramatic in its own way. Cloud wondered idly, distantly, if this was a new variation on an old movement.

The old frisson of fear trailed through him like a ghost. Later, he might feel the sharp edges keenly. Phantom pains; remembrances of captivity. Right now, he would not give into it. To do so would be to become trapped again. He was still alive. And though Sephiroth kept returning, kept trying, like a cockroach, it was Cloud who continually defeated him.

I am not a victim.

Cloud had promised Reeve that he’d aim to disable and weaken Sephiroth. He would break that promise if he had to.
sephiroth_san: Oooooohsephiroth_san on November 25th, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
(hope you like it)
The footsteps halted, Sephiroth paused at the end of the hallway onto the 2nd floor balcony which overlooked the destroyed staircase down into the foyer. Green eyes cast around, squinted at first, almost inspecting the vast amount of rubble which had now settled a thick blanket of broken concrete from the facade of the building and the remains of the roof he'd pulled down in his scuffle with the WRO troops.

They'd learned their lesson, until that monster with the red cape had shown up. If he hadn't have gotten in the way, then this fight would likely be a repeat of their last. Like a sick puppy Cloud kept returning to be kicked once again. So sad, inevitable fate.

Each of the wounds, tiny scratches nearly healed and gaping infected gashes alike burned with renewed ferocity at the memory. How long had that fight been ago? How many days had they been in that basement? How many sleepless nights in which his cells fought to regenerate, forcing out bullets and rejecting each time more yellowish, bloody infection. It had to do with Mother leaving like she did, he was near certain of it, but he needed to fully recover in order to find out what had happened. Surely she understood.

His silver hair, heavy with dirty grease and whatever else had clung it to his back did not even sway with the small breeze that whisked it's way up and out of the remains of the Manor. It stuck to his bare back in a near perfect line down the middle almost as if it would take root in his spine and become more like fur. That shoulder, having been forced to cooperate in order to wield Masamune raged like a dragon awakened from it's slumber. Every throb pulled with it the deep down knowledge that whatever crack or bullet lodged in the joint was getting worse. There would be no flying in this fight.

Sephiroth's grip tightened on Masamune as a whisper of blonde appeared just in sight over the edge of the ragged edge of the balcony. It didn't look safe to put any weight on that surface so he waited a while. Once Cloud had wondered closer both weak and strong hand were wrapped around the sword hilt and with the blade pointed towards the floor he leapt up and over the edge; hoping to skewer Cloud from above.
Cloud Strifebigdamnsword on December 1st, 2009 10:21 am (UTC)
I do like it! <3
Cloud's eyes narrowed - a moment later, he ducked and rolled, then leapt upwards and backwards, narrowly avoiding being skewered by the silver, flashing blade of Masamune. His feet touched the ground briefly once; he rebounded off the ground towards the side, landing on what was left of the banister.

He paused, then looked down at his pants. Cloud's eyesight was good enough to see even in the dark; Sephiroth had not made him bleed, but the calf off his pants featured a neat slit. Cloud looked up again, mouth tightening.

Ah, Sephiroth. His silver hair was as long as ever, but now it seemed lank. The Silver General didn't look well. He was bare-chested, so that Cloud could see he still wore bandages. Sephiroth held himself stiffly.

Cloud ... didn't think this was a ploy. Sephiroth had always been full of his own pride. He hadn’t been full of his self-importance, nor had he been humble; it was only that he’d known his own strength. And he had never believed in hiding his strength to fool his opponent.
Crimson Sun: hojo smugocean_flute on November 25th, 2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
[I love you both so much! *o*]