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15 November 2009 @ 02:09 am
More Way back When  
Who: Sephiroth (10 y/o) and Veld
When: Way back when...(backdated)
Location: Midgar
Rating: PG
Summary: Veld helps to alleviate Sephiroth's boredom with some special materia training, (OOC: enjoy a little something myself and Veld-mun came up with, thought we'd continue it on here)


Only a few seconds later the sirens across the Midgar training campus started to wail loudly, it didn't take long for the heavy smoke to waft it's way around the buildings. A large black column of the same stretched high enough to haze out the midday sun. A tiny boy at the root of it, in baggy T-shirt and training slacks. Golden flames licked their way in reflection on loose silver hair which just graced the bottom of Sephiroth's chin as he followed the flames up and watched them turn into smoke several feet up.

That was probably going to sting the tutor's record more than Sephiroth's. The lesson had begun easily enough, a piece of Fire materia had been dropped into his hands and he'd been told quite simply to set alight a bale of dry hay not more than twenty feet away. He'd almost laughed out loud at the absurdity of the task. Having been wielding materia for nearly a year already, being put through the same routines week after week in his regular classes he'd almost jumped for joy at the prospect of extra tuition. It hadn't been up to much. He had to gain "fine control" and well, he was convinced he already had that down to a fine art. The tutor had told him to try again and again, insulted his intelligence and tried his patience. Although Sephiroth was only 10 years old, so many people forgot that he already had the mind of at least three years his senior and that was on a bad test day.

So he had flicked his wrist at the last moment, and sent a stream of flame whisking past the tutor and quite precisely hit a nearby trash bin which went up in moments. It surprised him that there was an explosive in the trash but the look of the tutor squirming on the floor from shock was highly amusing.

The ice spell hit fast and rather unexpectedly, flakes of the white stuff drifted around and settled to the now shining floor. The man that walked through the mess had barely controlled brown hair, dark eyes and a scowl on his scarred face. "What in the name of Leviathan is going on here?" It didn't take a keen observer to notice the Turk suit and the rather precise manner that defined the unit's leader, Veld Dragoon. His glare was fixed rather expectantly upon the tutor. "I'm to believe you're in charge here?" Before the man could respond, Veld pinched the bridge of his nose. "Just... get out of my sight and pray to whatever god you want that I'm in a better mood the next time we run into each other."

Frankly the tutor looked pleased to be released of his duties and raced off as though he was still on fire.

Veld then turned his attention to the skinny pyromaniac. He looked like his father sometimes. "Do you typically go on little tantrums when bored?"

As soon as it all died away in an icy steam Sephiroth's attention had turned to the suited man. He'd managed to look from hem of trouser up the whole suit to the shoulder before the tutor ran for cover and the icy dragon's wrath was left alone with him.

A muted 'humph' was pulled back harshly from vocalization, this man had authority and it seeped from every pore. Downcast green eyes remained picking out the details on the Turks' shoes, after all they were a hell of a lot closer than looking up into the mans eyes. So far from his own, and the very concept of looking up to anyone Sephiroth knew put them in clear dominance over himself.

To the ten-year old that tutor had deserved it, just like all the others who had pulled the wrong string with him today. So silence prevailed for now.

"I asked you a question, Sephiroth." Veld was suddenly wishing he hadn't taken a half day. His kids' typical violent outbursts were easily quelled with a glare or threats of suicides about the building. None of them were treated like living gods either. They were more relatable. Of course, this made him feel more than a little sorry for the child in front of him. Sephiorth, despite his skill, his intellect, and his abilities, was still a ten year old boy.

Knowing this, however, did not make Veld not address the young man as he would an adult. "If you were bored you should have dismissed him. You can't just burn someone because they patronize you." He held out a hand for the materia. "I'm going to have to take that from you." Veld charged the materia stored in his arm in case Sephiroth protested. Though he had complained a few years back about the loss of the limb, the materia slots more than made up for the fact that he could not feel the fingers of his left hand.

"I didn't burn him" Sephiroth started. His initial protest was shown clearly in the materia which he still clung to, charging it's green glow until it was like green fire in his hand held firmly at his side. So easy it was to control materia this way, Sephiroth wondered for a moment if he kept channeling his energy through the small ball - would it break? Burst into a spray of minute glassy fragments, be gone to oblivion, back to the Planet like it should do? His eyes remained downcast.

It was fairly obvious that he hadn't even thought about whether or not the fire would burn the tutor, only that he needed to prove his point. He guy had probably gotten off lighter than he would have done if he hadn't had control; that was the point of the lesson, right? "...or at least. That wasn't the point..."

The glow in the materia died down and Sephiroth held it up for Veld to take, he still didn't look up however, face pretty much obscured by his hair. The floor sure seemed interesting right now.

Veld sighed. It wasn't that Sephiroth wasn't the sort to listen, but Veld had the distinct feeling that he made the boy uncomfortable. He bit the inside of his cheek. He did have the rest of the day off and Veld dounted that anyone would call him for anything. It was a paperwork day, afterall.

Veld pocketed the materia and crouched so that he and Sephiroth were eye level. "Are you bored?" The urge to tell everyone in the labs off went up fairly high around the poor kid. Veld thought it was stupid, uneeded and <i>wrong</i>. His own childhood had been short, Veld was working as an adult when he was Sephiroth's age, doing farily questionable things at tea houses at thirteen, and in the army killing people by the time he was fifteen.

People deserved better than that, Sephiroth included. "I've got time off, if you are and want to learn."

Only once Veld had crouched down did the small green eyes peer up from the floor, through the short fine silver hair framing his face and at Veld himself. Sephiroth held Veld's gaze for a moment before raising his head and shaking the hair which had clung to his mouth away. It was then, as an afterthought decided to run his fingers through the short locks, tucking a piece behind an ear.

"It's not important. Boredom means you have to achieve greater things, boredom passes." The sarcastic kid-chuckle followed with a shoulder shrug. There was something more to the story there, he couldn't have been kept so secluded that he didn't know he was missing on all the fun kids his age usually got, right?

"But sure..." Sephiroth eyed the materia slots that he could see from this distance in Veld's arm, wondered perhaps there were more than what it looked like. "Looks like you know how to really handle all this..."

Veld snorted himself. Sephiroth wasn't stupid, that much was plain. "If it wasn't because you were bored, why be destructive?"

Of course, Veld somehow managed to raise enough overly intelligent teenagers to know that there was a creativity in destruction. To deconstruct was easier than the construction and yet so much more beautiful.

Not to say Veld didn't have that streak in himself. A strict moral code, however loose, however wrong, was what Veld worked with. He looked down at the fire materia and turned the orb in his hand.

Veld Dragoon was not so vain as to think he would make a difference, however maybe he could try, for whatever it was worth to at least give Sephiroth someone to talk to.

"I guess I must be in a destructive mood. Plus I don't like that teacher...I don't like the ones that question me but don't answer my questions...it's rude" Stated matter-of-factly would almost be confused with cute without the deep tones of an adult speaking it, not that Sephiroth was old enough to know the difference that would make.

"You can't just destroy things when the mood takes you, there's a time and a place." Veld remained crouched so that he was at a more level view with Sephiroth. "Though I cannot argue with your logic about the tutor." Veld looked over his shoulder in the direction the man ran. "Would you like to continue your lesson?" He couldn't just leave the kid. Sephiroth needed something to occupy his time. Overly intelligent and talented children were bound to get into trouble.

Of course a well-behaved Sephiroth already knew that. Destruction was always frowned on by adults. But then isn't that what they were training him to do? Destroy things, kill things? Ironic.

He already knew, deep down and from some eavesdropping that they planned to enroll him in the military soon but there was a debate going on about the right age to subject him to that. Anything to get out of a life where a test of some sort wasn't expected at least twice a week? Away from an existance of cold examination tables, clipboards and endless books of studying? Sounded like a step up in the world to Sephiroth at least, and from what he'd heard it might indeed hold the challenges that he craved.

"Right" Sephiroth nodded and agreed with Veld in a quiet voice "It would be good to learn something new...Materia is so simple to use though complex in its capabilities..."

"Do you want to learn materia or would you rather do something else, kiddo?" Veld stood then, as crouching was a difficult way to walk. "I don't think it will be so big a deal to leave the grounds a while." Veld tossed the little ball of materia once in his hand. It seemed delicate, but he knew from experience that it wasn't. "All work and no play make you go crazy. That's why they make me take half days." That much was true. Tally used to chase him from the offices on bad days.

Do something else? Now that sounded interesting. Of course it would depend entirely on what the "something" was and after all, Sephiroth had agreed to the extra Materia training. He'd have traded it in for some high-level sparring session in an instant but he was already so good at sword fighting. It was more natural reflex now than an art that took a huge amount of concentration. Hence the need to train in things he was good at, but not yet excellent.

"Using materia is a vital skill, being able to attack from range with magic..." Although the question of what else Veld had in mind shone behind his eyes as they followed Veld while he stood back up. It was polite to maintain eye contact, and this Turk didn't seem half bad after all. Sephiroth shuffled his feet a little uncomfortably when he trailed off, then seemed to catch his train of thought again. There was so little opportunity for anything but training or studying, he couldn't remember the last time he'd thought he needed time for himself.

"But...what did you want you do?" A young, curious face tilted upwards to the older man.

Veld shrugged. Honestly he hadn't planned anything at all. He didn't want to really go home and read when he could have instead done something.

"I asked you. If you wanted a chance to leave the compound a while, I could escort you. Or if you want materia training. Between you and me, the stats materia, a good defense is much better than a strong offense."

He smiled at the kid. "Completely up to you, Sephiroth"

That seemed to quirk an interest. Multi-purpose materia sure sounded more fun than the simple attack magic he'd been learning thus far.

"Like what materia?" Sephiroth asked simply to Veld, sure he'd heard of the protective types and the status-changing times also but he'd always figured attack was a better form of defense with materia. Or simply he wouldn't let himself in for such a situation. Sleeping on the battlefield, yea right. Tiny eyebrows knitted together curiously, eyes full of an eternal thirst for knowledge as he thought this through.

Veld waited for a moment to kneel down next to Sephiroth. He shrugged one sleeve out of his jacket and rolled up the teeshirt under it to show a panel in his arm. Up until that point, it wasn't at all noticeable as a prosthetic. "I have quite a few I'm working on in here. The trick is to find materia that does a lot in one slot." He flicked the door open to show Sephiroth his setup. "I have X-Magic, MP Plus, Magic Plus, Master Magic, and also Magic Counter. I don't really use summon materia as it's flashy, but doesn't do much more than a good ultima spell would anyway. Unless materia doesn't come easily to you, you shouldn't limit yourself on usage. Never know what the enemy may drop."

Veld then flicked the compartment closed and stood, slipping the jacket back on. "We'll go outside a ways, I don't think there's anything wrong with the monsters in the junkyards underplate as training, do you?" Despite the fact that Sephiroth was a small child, Veld's tone was professional and adult as though he expected Sephiroth to have input into the conversation. He looked down at the boy in question before he continued on his way.

Woah, now that was something he didn't see everyday. Someplace, somehow this Turk had lost his arm and the prosthetic it had been replaced with had been worked into quite an impressive piece of equipment. That is for one who would use that much materia all to oneself. Sephiroth found it a little over the top, in all honesty but he wasn't going to be rude and say that. Veld probably had a reason or excuse or consequence for every piece that he had in that arm. There were so many different colours also, blues, yellows and pinks that he'd only seen in books in the library, it would be amazing to see what each of them did. Sephiroth nodded a little more enthusiastically at Veld as he stood back up.

Those small green hues practically shone when Veld suggested a place for them to train in. Those underplate junkyards were smelly alright and if there was a list of places he shouldn't ever go that was probably near the top. But Veld was right, they probably held all kinds of monsters. They'd be doing everyone a favor by going and killing a few right?

"Under the plate? You're sure that's safe?" Underneath Sephiroth didn't care if it was safe or not, he could handle himself. He did however want to hear the man's reaction.

Veld was more than aware that his stash was over the top. He didn't particularly care, if you used a truck to smash a fly the fly was still smashed. He noted how the boy's eyes shone with the idea of a challenge and the hope for something exciting. When he mentioned monsters the boy nearly vibrated with excitement. Boys were boys, after all, and Veld knew the junkyard was challenging, but not below his skillset.

"Scared?" He asked, a smile on his mouth.

The two were walking at a leisurely pace directly out of the ShinRa building. The guards jumped a bit at the sight of the leader of the Turks walking the chosen one of ShinRa directly out of the building. Veld made eye contact with one and she stood down. The SOLDIER guards were certainly not stupid, they knew that mouthing off to Veld was a wonderful way to have the Turks come around their ears. The war between the two departments was mostly over budgets and a few training scuffles. It wasn't worth the hassle of trying to bother Veld. He intended to walk instead of take a train or ride the bus. Veld knew the slums far more than he needed to.

sephiroth_san: Black/White Facesephiroth_san on November 15th, 2009 02:17 am (UTC)
((ooc: yes I suck at LJ cuts)) Part 2
"No. I'm not scared..." Sephiroth trailed off as he followed closely behind Veld. He eyed up the guards on the main entrance himself as Veld had pretty much escorted him right through with little more than a brief attempt to stop them. Usually if he ever was taken out in Midgar at all there was at least some release paperwork that had to be signed, in fact if he recalled correctly the last time he had even been given an inoculation for something in case he caught it while he was out of "protected" grounds.

"Good, because I would be disappointed if you hid." Veld was still feeling out the boy. He was curious and extremely intelligent. That was dangerous with children when they were bored. Bored children of hyper intellect lit idiots on fire. Not that Veld felt any sort of pity for the stupid, but if you didn't have rules about who you did and did not kill then there would be insanity.
The two started walking down the streets of Midgar, first the well polished upper plate units of shopping malls and high rises. Then they started to look a little shabby. Veld wondered what Sephiroth's reaction would be to the slums. "If you have any questions just ask them, alright?"

At the first steps outside of the HQ, the fresh air was sampled heavily. So different than the conditioned air from inside and around any of the training facilities he spent a lot of his time inside, better. It felt lighter when breathed in, refreshing. But the freshness soon became engulfed as they walked, the high rise buildings seemed to close the air in exactly like being indoors. The crowds of people around heightened the suffocation even further and Sephiroth found himself sticking closer to Veld the further they got away from the HQ building. But once he realised he was almost clinging to Veld's coatails he backed up, straightened and reminded himself that even though he didn't come up much higher than most people's waistband, he could bring them down to his level if needed. "It's so different out here" Sephiroth felt more comfortable talking when they'd gotten through the crowds and into the shabbier looking buildings, it didn't feel like eyes all over him so much; after all he didn't look like the other kids.

Kids here tended to be scarce they ran from grown men because they had learned who and what were predators. Young boys of Sephiroth's appearance weren't completely rare. If a kid was brave enough to be out alone in the slums they typically had hair of all assortments of colors, bright tattooes and even children of their own. Veld himself didn't stand out either. More people had scars and scowls and few people wanted to meet his face. While Veld was young himself, one didn't get the bottle scar on his cheek without a scuffle. The suit itself was a bit of a distraction. "Yes. This is... what Midgar sort of lives on, I suppose."

"ShinRa's great electricity.." Sephiroth recited as if from a textbook he'd read, emerald eyes taking in every detail of their surroundings as the two of them walked into more run-down areas, the potential danger was as thick as a dense fog in these areas. Sephiroth could see the homeless in the alleyways, the kids as they scampered away like rats as the two of them passed. A couple of times he was tempted to glance back, but it could be more trouble than it was worth. "They all know we're not from around here." He was close to whispering now in case anyone could hear the two of them and take offense to it. "It's almost a darker shade of life this far from the centre. Even with all the lights..."

"Oh, I am from around here." Veld responded matching Sephiroth's tone. "These are people, just like you are and under the right set of circumstances you could have been them or they you." He walked around someone who was already quite drunk and sighed. "Though hopefully you have the good sense to use your resources for something."
The working people, whores and pimps were not out in force yet, and by the time they would be returning, covered in probably blood and monster guts, no one would bother them. The thing about the slums was anonymity. One could get their throat slit and no one would say a word. If you looked like a predator then you were left alone.

sephiroth_san: Black/White Facesephiroth_san on November 15th, 2009 02:18 am (UTC)
Re: ((OMG still going)) Part 3
"oh...." The small voice was downcast, he hadn't meant to insult Veld at all. In fact he respected the Turk for having the....guts? to stick his own neck out for reliving his childish boredoms. He stepped a wide radius around the drunken guy in the street and tried really hard not to scowl with disgust. "How they cannot help theirselves, the company offers plenty jobs...there are always new people around...."

"The company is selective in who it hires for what position. Also, you need funding to purchase suits for interviews and to pay for education to get better jobs. If you have no gil, you cannot obtain these things or jobs. A lot of people resort to prostitution and theft because it's a form of work and in their eyes better than begging." He motioned to the couple in the corner. "Sadly, a lot of people become depressed, Sephiroth and turn to drugs as a form of escape. A few people have resorted to 'glow' a mixture that involves raw mako and tends to drive people more than a little crazy." "I can't fault people who lose their hope and drive." Veld answered before the question was asked. His own morals were twisted, in a way. Veld would kill to save himself, to save a teammate or to uphold his responsibilities. He would kill for contract. He enjoyed the violence, but if he didn't hold himself to rules, he would be no better than the predators that loomed int he dark corners. "I don't exactly pity them either, everyone has causes and effects. Some are just more dire than others."

Raw Mako. Sephiroth curled his nose up a little bit at that thought. Even the Mako treatments he'd been subjected to all of his life, while not exactly being "safe" at least the material had been heavily treated and distilled first. He couldn't really imagine what it'd be like just taking from a reactor and...the 10 year old shuddered a little. "Yea, even treated mako can damage a person. Poison them, takes a while to shift."
Not that the boy had ever had that problem, his constitution was stronger. Sephiroth tucked a stray piece of silver back behind an ear as he still managed to keep up with Veld on his much smaller feet. "I guess you learn that being a Turk, to be disassociated from it all..."

"You're educated, Sephiroth. Some people are just ignorant. That's not he same as stupid, of course. Just uneducated. Or mis-educated as it were." They were nearing the piles of trash and train cars that were a perfect hunting ground for learners of skill.
He thought about Sephiroth's comment. When had he learned to dissociate? Had it been in the army in Wutai? Maybe earlier. Veld knew that every person was different but that did not excuse inaction or misaction. "I think that I learned it before hand. I've never been able to excuse someone being afraid to do what they think is right. Inaction makes my skin crawl." It was a very candid comment to make at a child.
sephiroth_san: Anime1sephiroth_san on November 15th, 2009 02:29 am (UTC)
My tag! xD ((congrats for anyone who has read this far, we are wordy ppl!))
"Inaction neither condones nor condemns anything. It's natural for those not informed fully to steer clear. To never start what you can't finish, or something which could lead to more inconvenience." Sephiroth wasn't arguing with Veld, but wasn't totally in agreement with the man's logic either. As could be expected.

Sephiroth dodged away from the kerbstone, a few feet away from Veld. Away from a puddle of something that looked too solid to be rainwater. Not trying to show off at all, he'd seen it and reacted to get away from it. Who knows what it was after all.
V. Dragoonchief_mendacity on November 15th, 2009 03:03 am (UTC)
Basically we talk a lot
Veld smirked. He honestly didn't mind when people had opinions. It made life more interesting. "The easiest road isn't always the right one, Sephiroth. If you do nothing to help yourself then, by the lack of effort, you're condemning yourself to the same. The definition of insanity, after all, is to do the same thing repeatedly and expect different reactions."

He chuckled at Sephiroth's dancing about the junk. "Alright, to begin, there is a benefit to "Wall" as a spell. Veld cast once, allowing the sparkle to close around them. "Pay attention to the feeling. All status effects have a personal sort of touch to them. This-" to show his point, Veld backhanded Sephiroth's arm lightly. Instead of contact, there was a 'tink' sound that was like water on glass. The wall spell held, flashing transparent scales about the area. Veld's hand never connected. "-is how wall feels and looks. It won't stop all attacks, but it dampens the blow similar to wearing armor."

sephiroth_san: Black/White Facesephiroth_san on November 15th, 2009 11:24 am (UTC)
Sure do!
The insanity comment was a debate Sephiroth could have launched into had he been in a philosophical mood. But he wasn't and considering the sights on the way here, that was quite possibly a good thing.

As soon as Veld had started to talk, the 10 year old was attentive. This strange Turk had taken him out of the ShinRa complex quite possibly without authorization, brought him to this run-down part of Midgar to show off something Sephiroth didn't already know. This was an exciting adventure, Sephiroth thought as he watched the Wall spell sparkle around the two of them like pyreflies at dusk.

The 'feeling' of the blow glancing off the Wall was missed it seemed, first time around but Sephiroth's small mouth could have been a perfect "o" at the sight of the transparent scales which formed around the area on his arm. The effect was adjacent but not even touching him. How magnificent. The boy smiled and raised his other arm to touch the scales, but of course his own hand went right through the wall and connected with his opposite arm just like it should. He didn't quite get what Veld meant by 'feeling' though and so after a brief pause he asked.

V. Dragoonchief_mendacity on November 17th, 2009 02:53 am (UTC)
"Yes. What you're experiencing with the 'wall' effect will be different than the experience with reflect or protect."

Veld looked around to see if any monsters would run up to them, but on the outskirts it was unlikely. "I don't have to tell you that just sitting blow for blow is a stupid way to engage a fight. The longer a battle goes on, the more variables that you encounter and the more your enemy could surprise you. So, make sure that you're prepared defensively."

"Counter is another good materia to have on stock, it will allow you to take two shots for your enemies one and give you a shorter match."

He started deeper into the junkyard. "Let's give it some work and as you like, I'll switch you out with new materia."
sephiroth_san: Anime1sephiroth_san on November 17th, 2009 08:24 am (UTC)
Protect. Reflect. Those were materia Sephiroth had only seen used, not had a chance to use himself. That rose questions about how much faith their was in the noose around his neck; his dependence on ShinRa for not being discarded like some less-privileged kid or his acceptance of the same? Maybe noose was too strong of a metaphor. Perhaps he should have tantrumed, like any other youngster when they refused to answer about his family. Would they have even listened? Indeed knowledge was power, and some day all of this would pay off. Sephiroth broke his gaze on Veld briefly as stinging questions faded out of importance; his eyes inspecting the cobblestones as if they held the answers to the unspoken.

Veld started to talk again, breaking Sephiroth's inward-attention and drawing his focus back to the present. He didn't reply but with a small "Sure" as the two headed deeper into the junkyard.
V. Dragoonchief_mendacity on November 21st, 2009 02:09 am (UTC)
Sephiroth was indeed a quick study. Veld was impressed. He noticed the kid's eyes getting distant here and there. While Sephiroth was working on increasingly difficult monsters, Veld was eying the surroundings.

It wasn't unusual for people to troll the area looking for lost marks or the junkyard children that hid from pimps.

Veld hated pimps on principle. Mostly the principle that one cut his face open with a broken bottle when he was younger and a lot less able to defend himself. So far it seemed that they were safe and sound.

"What's on your mind, kiddo?" Veld finally asked after Sephiroth cycled through a few more variations on defensive magic. It wasn't any wonder that he'd been bored with tutors. Left on his own to just ask clarifying questions, Sephiroth was progressing nicely.
sephiroth_san: Anime1sephiroth_san on November 21st, 2009 10:12 am (UTC)
The latest large spider-type monster collapsed from it last two front legs with the aftermath of a small but precise Blizzard attack. After all Sephiroth could use all the defensive materia Veld showed to him but in the end the fighting had to cease, he hadn't brought anything other than the small gems of materia he'd had with him for the training session. He dropped the his-hand sized piece of materia back into a baggy pocket and dug both hands into the same pockets while his small green hues darted around looking for the next monster.

He'd found the target but then Veld spoke. Sephiroth dropped his gaze again to the floor, casually tucking silver hair behind his ear as it fell into his eyes. Slowly Sephiroth allowed it to climb up to Veld's face, formulating an acceptable answer to that question all the way. "As you said. Guess I was bored.."
V. Dragoonchief_mendacity on November 22nd, 2009 09:27 pm (UTC)
Veld tossed his All Materia in the air and smirked. "Try this on for size, we're going to see if we can find something nasty."

Maybe Sephiroth would open up if given a bit more time. He found the boy to be horribly reserved and not. "And do not worry, I will not relay anything told between us. It isn't my job."

To the letter, not a syllable more. That was the way Veld operated with work these days.

sephiroth_san: Anime1sephiroth_san on November 24th, 2009 12:56 pm (UTC)
(so sorry for lateness)
Sephiroth paused having caught the shiny blue All Materia, pondering which out of the small gems he carried he could equip it with. There was the small Restore materia but there wasn't much point coupling an All with it unless they were going to fight together against some monsters? Although that sounded fun Sephiroth doubted that was Veld's intention.

Of course there was the Blizzard he could couple it with, again it was only really useful if they planned to fight multiple monsters or a monster with several heads. Smirking a little Sephiroth wondered if in fact such atrocities existed inside the slummy junkyard. If so, the security forces needed re-assigning to patrol the yard more often, at the very least.

Whilst trying to decide about the Materia, Veld's comment washed through his ears. Sephiroth's first reaction was a a small twitch of confusion; as to why this Turk would even bother to take an interest if it wasn't for the interest of the company. He had said it was his day off, but it was questionable exactly how "free" days off were. Sephiroth couldn't recall a day when he'd simply done what he wanted to and gotten away with it. Playtime was for inferior children. A small voice, sure but maybe not so sure of itself replied to Veld. "It's stupid of me. Immature to look at other children and want a life like theirs. I don't have a family and ShinRa does what it can to give me everything it has. I should be grateful...and I am...,sir...It's not relevant..."

Trailing off Sephiroth looked again to the All Materia in his hand. It filled his whole hand at a stretch and still glowed dimly. For now, he equipped it into the small bracer-like equipment he had. It shone brightly and then dimmed down when settled. Sephiroth would decide what to couple it with based on the circumstances they encountered.
V. Dragoonchief_mendacity on November 27th, 2009 09:11 pm (UTC)
Re: (so sorry for lateness)
Veld frowned. It wasn't that he didn't understand. Veld wasn't stupid. He could, however, remember very keenly how much he wished he could be like other children. Of course, sometimes children were commodities. Being used was still being used, as a weapon or as recreation.

"I think that's not stupid of you at all, Sephiroth." Veld measured his words carefully, mostly because he didn't want the conversation to turn to his own past, or how he understood. Certainly, he'd answer, but Sephiroth's issues were more forefront and easier to deal with.

"Even if you... are one thing, that doesn't define you." Veld cleared his throat. "Because really, if you're just the tool for the task then you're going to lose whatever is honestly you." It was difficult to make sense.

"Sometimes you should bend the rules just a little, and find something you enjoy that isn't exactly 'of use'. So, no, Sephiroth. It's not stupid and it is very relevant."
sephiroth_san: Anime1sephiroth_san on November 30th, 2009 01:25 pm (UTC)
Sephiroth listened, small head tilted up towards Veld as he imparted some words of wisdom.

"I think I understand." Small silver eyebrows pulled together as his little mind worked it's way around Veld's logic. It was obvious that the man hid something but then, all humans were equally deep.

He nodded at Veld at the 'rule bending'. After all, he'd sit through so much boredom to just get his swords session everyday.
V. Dragoonchief_mendacity on December 1st, 2009 02:15 am (UTC)
"If you need help with that sort of thing, find me." Veld responded. He meant it. Veld didn't want to feel pity for Sephiroth, but he did.

Because it really did suck to not be a normal child and Veld knew this.

Something roared from inside the junkyard. "Well... that's interesting, what do you think?"